Customer Service Support- Improve it with 24/7 Availability

improving customer service support stats

When you call a business would you rather leave a message on a voicemail, be told to ‘please hold’ without uttering a ‘hello’ or would you much rather be greeted with a friendly representative asking you what you need help with? Chances are you want to actually speak to someone before having to hear elevator music regardless of what time it may be. Many thriving businesses gain success by simply supplying their customers with customer service support that they can access 24 hours a day, everyday.

How 24-Hour Availability Improves Customer Service Support:

Your Clients Speak To An Actual Person-

The biggest complaint many people have when it comes to customer service support is that they do not get to talk to an actual person or live agent. When your customers questions can be answered quickly, and not have to go through long automated menu options, chanced are they will give you positive feedback on your business’s customer service support.

You Can Cater To More Of Your Customers-

You want your business to be appealing to as many individuals as possible. However, not everyone is going to be living the kind of life that will make calling your business convenient if they can only reach you during regular business hours. By implementing a 24-hour customer service system you are ensuring that all of your customers get the same treatment no matter what time it is. When you limit your customers to only being able to call when you are opened, it hinders your customer service support. By having a 24 hour customer service system, your customers can get information and many of their questions answered at any time… even when your ‘business hours’ are closed.

Extended Business Hours-

24-hour customer service support, from a trusted telephone answering service, can help you with more than just answering phone calls and taking messages. They can help provide information, handle orders, take reservation or make appointments and resolve many payment concerns your customer may want to have answered immediately.

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For IT or tech related businesses, customer service support is crucial for your business to prosper. Customers will need to know that they can rely on your business to help in troubleshooting many problems they may have with their product in an efficient and effective manner.

Grow your business while growing your customer service support

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Do you find it frustrating having to wait till the next day to get your questions answered? How aggravated do you get when you have to scream at an automated customer service machine? Grow your customer service support and you will also grow your business.