Be productive on the weekends

be productive on the weekend

The weekend is probably the most anticipated time of the week. Individuals look forward to escaping their office and work life for a few days. Though it can be tempting to just stay in and catch up on all your TV shows, there are a number of things you should be doing on your days off. Being productive on the weekend does not mean you need to keep up on your busy on the go momentum. Instead, it is a chance for you to become refreshed and rejuvenated for the following week.

Productive Things To Do On The Weekend:


It may sound counterproductive but unplugging and disconnecting from all the technology in your life is one thing you need to do on your weekends. Unplugging allows you to refocus your mind without interruptions. This is one thing that will not only add to you being more productive on the weekends but also for the coming week.

Spend Time With Family And Friends-

Socializing is a way for you to reconnect with those that matter most in your life. Making time for your family and friends allows you to get things in perspective and allows you to get out of your professional work mode and enjoy yourself for a change.

Exercise And Meditate-

Exercising has a number of benefits. They are not all related to your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health as well. Take your bike for a ride, put on your running shoes or hit the gym for an hour. Try to also make some time to meditate for twenty minutes. Meditating can not only reduce your stress but can also have a powerful impact on your outlook on life. To have a better balance in your life, more energy and more focus- exercising and meditating is one thing you want to make time for.

Prepare, Plan And Reflect-

One way you can better prepare for the coming week and have a more productive weekend is to spend a little time reflecting on the previous week and planning for the next. Taking the time to see what worked the past week, what needs to be changed and what you want to improve upon, can be highly productive. Not just with your business, but also with your personal life. After reflecting on what worked and what did not work you can better prepare and plan for the upcoming week.


Getting out and making business connections during the week can be an impossible and tiring obligation. Take advantage of the fact that you will not have to be in the office early the next day and go out to some networking events. This is one way you can not only be more productive on the weekends, but it can also greatly benefit your business or career.

Make Time For A Hobby-

Using your weekends to expand your interests and focus on a hobby can be a great way to exercise the other side of your brain. Tap into your creative side, start a garden or sign up for a dance class. You will not only feel more productive on the weekend, but you will get a chance to focus on something that is completely different from all the spreadsheets and emails that tend to take up all your time.

Relax And Recharge-

Taking the time to relax and recharge from your hectic schedule is crucial to being more productive. Spend some time enjoying the outdoors, stay in your PJ’s for an extra hour or get a massage on the weekend. You will feel better and be more energized by taking the time to forget about responsibilities for an hour and take care of yourself instead.


During the week you have probably neglected a number of emails, documents and articles that you want to read. Take the time to catch up on work related reading, or pick up your favorite book, and spend some quiet time letting your mind wander somewhere else for an hour.

Spend your weekend being productive with these tips

Being productive on the weekend does not mean jamming your schedule with more chores, projects or assignments. To be successful you need to take the time to enjoy your life as well. The weekend is a great time to revisit a passion project, spend some time on yourself or reconnect with your support group like friends and family. If you want to have a more productive week then your weekend will have little time scheduled for work related tasks and more for recharging and fun activities.

10 Traits Of Successful People

hey traits of successful people

Unlike what many people believe, there is no secret path to being successful. Most of the times there is little luck involved but for the most part it’s about working hard. Almost every successful person has a set of unique traits that helped make them successful.

10 Common Traits Of Successful People:

1.) Passionate

Passion is a key trait of successful people- they did not get to where they are now simply because they had to work hard. They have a passion for their work, business and lifestyle. Your passion is going to be the only thing that keeps you going sometimes, so if you are not 200% passionate about what you are working towards chances are you will give up at some point before you reach your goals.

2.) They Truly Enjoy What They Do

What many successful people have asked themselves is if what they are doing is something they would do even if it did not make them money. Most of the time the answer is yes. Successful people really love what they do, if they didn’t they probably wouldn’t be as successful- nor would they really make it a lifelong commitment.

3.) Push Themselves Out of Their Comfort Zone

A more difficult trait of successful people is the fact that they continuously push themselves out of their comfort zone. They are not afraid of change and are constantly looking to explore new options.

4.) Innovators

It is no secret that a main trait of successful people is that they are innovators. They think outside the box and strive for bringing about a change to something that has always been done the same way.

5.) They Take Every Failure As A Lesson

Successful people rarely get discouraged. They have a unique way of learning a lesson from every failure, rejection, and obstacle.

6.) They Have A Powerful ‘Why’

Successful people have a specific reason for doing things. Their ‘why’ is the one thing they constantly use to remind themselves to keep pushing and working harder. Establishing a powerful ‘why’ will greatly motivate you and remind you of the reason you are working towards the goals you set.

7.) They Never Stop Learning

Successful people remain successful because they know they can always improve. They know there is always something new to learn and anything new they learn can greatly benefit them.

8.) Take Responsibility

A distinguishing trait of successful people is they take responsibility. When they are in the wrong or right they own up to the fact that they are not perfect. They do not let things hold them back. They are comfortable and confident enough to take responsibility for their choices.

9.) They Stay Focused

Focus is a key trait of successful people. They set deadlines, schedules and goals and they do whatever they have to do to met and achieve all of them. They prioritize every aspect of their life, and if it is taking away from what they enjoy then they re-prioritize. They do not let average things distract them and they rarely waste their time. If they need to wake up earlier they do so, if they need to miss some sleep they will.

10.) They Always Try Again

If every successful person was to quit because something did not turn out the way they had hoped, there would be no successful people. Successful people simply do not give up- they always try again. They learn lessons, re-plan and try things from a different approach but they never give up.

Incorporate these traits into your life to achieve success

The traits of successful people all add to what makes them prosperous. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful ,but you also have to have a true passion for what you do. The road to success is not going to be easy and being able to learn every step of the way will only help you improve.

Webinar: What Are They And Why You Need One For Your Business

what is a webinar

As a business owner, you may be looking for a new and unique option to interact with your customers. How can you possibly invite a large number of your customers to learn more about your business, services or products that will not seem like a complete sales pitch? A Webinar!

What Is A Webinar?

Technically a webinar is a group meeting that takes place via the Internet. Loosely put in business terms, it is an opportunity to connect with a large group of your customers that is engaging and highly rewarding for both your business and your customers. Webinars vary in a number of ways but the benefits are undeniable.


Build Up Your Lists-

The fastest way you can build up your email and client list if to offer a free short webinar. This has to be an enticing offer that really makes your fan base want to learn more about what you have to say. Most times, businesses will present a solution to a simple yet common problem with steps to ensure success. Present your audience with the problem and then provide them with the solution, which is your webinar. This can quickly build up emails lists, clients and followers instantly.

Access To A Whole New Audience-

Although you want your webinars to focus on what your business has to offer, it never hurts to incorporate a few additional tidbits of knowledge. There are physical trainers who not only host webinars that focus on exercising and staying healthy, but who also share how they built their business from using various techniques. This gets you a new audience and gets people interested in your business- who may have not been before.

It Is A Learning Process-

Like any other avenue with your business, a webinar is going to be a great way for you to learn while you grow. The first few webinars you may want to keep small as a learning curve, but as you do more you will find a rhythm that syncs with your business.

Webinars Help You Connect-

Webinars are not just a prerecorded presentation of slides and facts you give the audience. Live webinars allow you to ask questions and take polls from those attending. This is an easy way to learn more about your customers on a more personal level. Webinars also allow your customers to ask questions at the end. These simple Q&A sessions at the end of the webinars are a profound way for you to strengthen your brand name and connect with your audience.

A Webinar can give your business a boost

Webinars can be used in every type of business and can be utilized in a number of ways. They can help solve a problem for your audience, give them tips and tricks, or demonstrate how to do something. Whichever way you choose to present your webinar the rewards you gain can give your business the boost it needs.

Florida Beaches- Top 10 to visit

florida beaches

White sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views are one of the main attractions of Florida. But being surrounded by water, there are way more than a few Florida beaches to choose from. Luckily, this list will help you narrow down which of the top ten Florida Beaches you should book your next trip to.


1.) Lovers Key State Park, Ft. Myers

Lovers Key is a beautiful beach that tends to be more secluded than most- making it ideal for a couples getaway. Canoeing, boating, swimming and picnicking are just a few of the ways you can spend some one on one time with your significant other. Enjoy sunbathing while you watch for bottlenose dolphin or manatees that frequent the waters of this Florida beach.

2.) Gulf Island National Seashore, Pensacola

Gulf Island National Seashore offer visitors white sandy beaches and clear blue/green waters. Explore the 400 acres of the conjoining park, which includes the Davis Bayou Area, campgrounds and a variety of activities.

3.) Clearwater Beach, Clearwater

Located along the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County, Clearwater Beach is one of the most luxurious Florida beaches- as it has something for everyone. This resort town beach has been voted numerous times as one of Florida’s Best Beaches. This beautiful beach offers a variety of restaurants and shops as well as parasailing, boat tours and Jet skiing. With so much to do in Clearwater Beach, it is truly the ultimate playground for beach lovers.

4.) Siesta Beach, Siesta Key

Located in Sarasota County, this Florida beach has gained worldwide notoriety. With its clear blue waters and amazing white sand beaches, Siesta Beach has been named not only one of the top Florida beaches, but also one of the top beaches around the world.

5.) Playalinda, Titusville

Separated by the Indian River from the mainland of Florida, Playalinda Beach resides on a small island just off the east coast on the Canaveral National Seashore. Opened daily from 6-6 this beach offers a great place to catch some waves for surfing and to escape from the rest of world for a few hours

6.) Pass-A-Grille Beach, St. Petersburg

Located in St. Petersburg, Pass-A-Grille is the epitome of the your ideal beach scene. Located in a historic district this beach is in close proximity to quaint little shops, ice cream stores and outdoor art galleries. The tranquil atmosphere of the beach makes it one of the top beaches to relax, forget about your daily stresses and even catch a glimpse of dolphins playing in the waters.

7.) Sanibel Island, Sanibel

If you love combing the beach for unique and colorful shells then this beach is a must for you. Ranked as one of the top ten Florida beaches, Sanibel Island overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and is surrounded by clear blue waters and white sand beaches. With such a quiet atmosphere, this beach is perfect for those in need of  a ‘relax and rejuvenate’ vacation.

8.) St. Joseph Pensacola State Park, Port St. Joe

With 9 and ½ miles of snow white sand and stunning aqua blue waters, St. Joseph’s Pensacola Beach has been recently voted as one of the nation’s top beaches to visit. With amenities such as snorkeling, fishing, picnic areas and over 100 campsites- this beach offers a little bit of everything to make your visit truly one of a kind.

9.) Henderson Beach State Park, Destin

Henderson beach state park was first opened in 1991 to the public and today, this 6000 foot long beach, offers miles of sugar white sand lined with emerald waters. A 208-acre park that sits beside the beach offers visitors a variety of wildflowers, oak trees and campsites.

10.) Fort De Soto Park, Tierra Verde

Located in the Tampa Bay Area, Fort De Soto offers more than just water and sand. This beach was named one of the top family friendly beaches in the U.S. With a boating community that offers canoeing, kayaking and boat trips to one of the many islands just off the coast, you are sure to stay busy in the water. Campgrounds, bike trails, large playgrounds and museums are just a few other attractions that make this Florida beach so popular.

Florida Beaches can be a great

destination for any type of vacation

Whether you are looking for a quiet tranquil beach to help you de-stress from your regular daily life or a beautiful sandy beach that will keep you busy all day, Florida has the perfect beach for you. All these Florida beaches offer stunning scenery and some of the best beach attractions you will find in the nation. All you have to do is decide which you want to experience and when?

Bilingual Business- What you need to know

bilingual business stats

The business world is an ever changing industry and one thing many businesses need to consider is how to effectively communicate to their audience. There has been a shift in the language barriers, and more and more people are expecting to be able to use their native language when calling into a business. Adding in employees that are fluent in more than one language, or providing training to current staff, can have significant effects on your business. Studies have shown that running a bilingual business can result in improvement in many areas of your business.




Increase In Profits:

By integrating another language into your company, you can increase your profits and eventually your pay. Adding another language allows your company to better serve a wider range of customers you otherwise would not be able to because of the language barrier. Having a bilingual business can increase your profits up to 15%.

Improve Customer Service:

By transitioning your company to a bilingual business, you can help and more easily resolve more of your customers problems. By having employees that speak alternative languages, your customers can be given the option of speaking with a representative that is more fluent with their language. This provides a better experience for your clientele and therefore improves your customer service.

Business Expansion:

A bilingual business has a greater advantage to tap into a wider market. When you have the ability to communicate and promote your product or services to those who speak another language, you can bring in more customers. Instead of focusing on just the native language where your company is based, think of the many customers you could attract if they were able to efficiently communicate with your company. You can greater explore the possibility of franchising or take your services and products to worldwide availability. By having individuals who speak multiple languages in your company, the possibility for you to grow is increased significantly.

Stay ahead of your competition by having a bilingual business

Whether you are just starting out your business or have been around for a number of years, incorporating employees who speak another language can add many benefits to your company. Bilingual business are highly sought out among consumers and bring in more of a profit than those companies that are not bilingual. Providing training or hiring employees that can speak multiple languages will grow your business in an effective and easy way.  

Answering service for 30 years- Courteous Communications

Answering Service Virtual Receptionist

A Courteous Communications was founded in 1986 in a quaint office located in the heart of Central Florida. What started as an answering service for one client with just one telephone agent, has now grown into a large, trusted corporation, housing hundreds of employees who provide impeccable answering service solutions to thousands of clients. Their skill, reputation and elite customer service over the years has placed them as one of the Leading Answering Services in the Nation. This has been solidified by being honored with the ATSI Award of Excellence 3 years in a row and with continuous growth and proven superiority in the industry.

Why are they a Leading Answering Service?

President and Founder Doris Primicerio has been in the answering service industry for over 30 years. She opened A Courteous Communications to help provide answering services for a single physicians office. After more than 25 years, this medical facility is still part of their growing customer base. As the years passed they have matured into a nationally recognized answering service helping businesses throughout the country. Some of their most impressive clients include Pepsi, Walt Disney World, Nordstrom and Barnie’s.

This answering service orlando has a skilled team of virtual receptionists that provide 24-hour call center solutions for a variety of industries. From answering phone lines for hospitals to dispatching emergency calls for plumbers, there is no business too big or small they cannot help. All receptionists go through a vigorous training program that allows them to understand the specific needs of your industry. They act as an extension of your office, and can provide 24-hour accessibility for your customer base. Another important feature they offer is HIPAA compliant medical answering services. All virtual medical receptionists are trained to be compatible with all HIPAA procedures and policies and answer all calls with compassion and professionalism. Whether you are a small business owner or run a major corporation, A Courteous’ team of receptionists can be a perfect addition to your staff and business.

30 Years of Providing Answering Service Solutions

Being in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years, you can rest assured that A Courteous Communications can help any business grow. Their motto has always been “Our Success Depends On Your Success” and this message still reins true. Request a quote today to see how they can help your business. Doris Primicerio and her team of skilled virtual receptionists look forward to welcoming you into their family and becoming part of your team. To learn more about this answering service located in Orlando Florida watch this video of A Courteous Communications’ dedicated President and Founder. 


Desk Job Tricks to Stay Healthy at Work

desk job tricksHave you ever wanted to launch an exercise routine but just didn’t have the time due to work? Some jobs are in themselves physical exercises, but if you are working long hours at a desk job, you are basically an ‘active couch potato’. That means while your financial odds are far much better than the usual sofa spud in front of a TV, you still have the same health risks like diabetes, heart disease and obesity to consider. The inner tug of war between allocating time for work and exercise is one which work easily wins. That’s expected- no one wants to be ripped and fit, but jobless and broke as well. So here are 6 desk job tricks you can use to keep active and healthy even as you work.

Desk Job Tricks # 1: Park Your Car As Far Away as Reasonably Possible

The first desk job trick is right at the start of your work day. If possible, some people would park their cars right by their desks; but that short distance from your car to your office could go a long way when done as frequently as you work. Starting your day with a little exercise, even if it’s just walking a while, sets your body up for a day of activity.

Desk Job Tricks #2: Use the Stairs, Avoid the Elevator

Taking the stairs can be a really good way to exercise as you work. Whenever you get the chance to go up or down a floor, give the elevator a break and take the stairs instead. When you add up those steps through the day, you have a full exercise routine every day. The good part about this desk job trick is that it’s accessible so long you need to go up or down a floor or two.

Desk Job Tricks #3: Avoid Sending Messages to Work Mates

Whether you want to pass on an important message or just want to gossip, that’s your business. But for the sake of your health, instead of sending a quick effortless message, walk over to your colleague and try to use the longest route possible while at it. Short walks from time to time, research has found, are much better than long sessions done in even longer intervals. The only limitation to this desk job trick is if your office is so small that all your workmates are just a whisper away.

Desk Job Tricks #4: Optimize Your Work space for Movement

It is tempting to arrange your work space in such a way that once you sit in your cushy office chair, the only time you’ll have to get up is when you leave for the day. ‘It saves time’, is the excuse many use. But while it saves you time, it eats away your health silently. The next desk job trick involves arranging your work space in such a way that things are not too conveniently within reach. Make sure you have to stand from time to time to reach some items. If you have a small office, you may need to go vertical and use high shelves. You have to at least stand for this desk job trick to work.

Desk job TrickS #5: Just Take a Break and Stretch

You don’t always need an excuse like having to talk to a colleague for you to exercise. This desk job trick involves just taking a break and stretching yourself for even fifteen minutes. The stretching goes a long way in getting your blood moving. This improved blood circulation contributes to better health over time.

You don’t have to lift heavy dumbbells to maintain your health. These 5 desk job tricks are a great way to work but still maintain your health and live longer.