Desk Job Tricks to Stay Healthy at Work

desk job tricksHave you ever wanted to launch an exercise routine but just didn’t have the time due to work? Some jobs are in themselves physical exercises, but if you are working long hours at a desk job, you are basically an ‘active couch potato’. That means while your financial odds are far much better than the usual sofa spud in front of a TV, you still have the same health risks like diabetes, heart disease and obesity to consider. The inner tug of war between allocating time for work and exercise is one which work easily wins. That’s expected- no one wants to be ripped and fit, but jobless and broke as well. So here are 6 desk job tricks you can use to keep active and healthy even as you work.

Desk Job Tricks # 1: Park Your Car As Far Away as Reasonably Possible

The first desk job trick is right at the start of your work day. If possible, some people would park their cars right by their desks; but that short distance from your car to your office could go a long way when done as frequently as you work. Starting your day with a little exercise, even if it’s just walking a while, sets your body up for a day of activity.

Desk Job Tricks #2: Use the Stairs, Avoid the Elevator

Taking the stairs can be a really good way to exercise as you work. Whenever you get the chance to go up or down a floor, give the elevator a break and take the stairs instead. When you add up those steps through the day, you have a full exercise routine every day. The good part about this desk job trick is that it’s accessible so long you need to go up or down a floor or two.

Desk Job Tricks #3: Avoid Sending Messages to Work Mates

Whether you want to pass on an important message or just want to gossip, that’s your business. But for the sake of your health, instead of sending a quick effortless message, walk over to your colleague and try to use the longest route possible while at it. Short walks from time to time, research has found, are much better than long sessions done in even longer intervals. The only limitation to this desk job trick is if your office is so small that all your workmates are just a whisper away.

Desk Job Tricks #4: Optimize Your Work space for Movement

It is tempting to arrange your work space in such a way that once you sit in your cushy office chair, the only time you’ll have to get up is when you leave for the day. ‘It saves time’, is the excuse many use. But while it saves you time, it eats away your health silently. The next desk job trick involves arranging your work space in such a way that things are not too conveniently within reach. Make sure you have to stand from time to time to reach some items. If you have a small office, you may need to go vertical and use high shelves. You have to at least stand for this desk job trick to work.

Desk job TrickS #5: Just Take a Break and Stretch

You don’t always need an excuse like having to talk to a colleague for you to exercise. This desk job trick involves just taking a break and stretching yourself for even fifteen minutes. The stretching goes a long way in getting your blood moving. This improved blood circulation contributes to better health over time.

You don’t have to lift heavy dumbbells to maintain your health. These 5 desk job tricks are a great way to work but still maintain your health and live longer.

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