Be productive on the weekends

be productive on the weekend

The weekend is probably the most anticipated time of the week. Individuals look forward to escaping their office and work life for a few days. Though it can be tempting to just stay in and catch up on all your TV shows, there are a number of things you should be doing on your days off. Being productive on the weekend does not mean you need to keep up on your busy on the go momentum. Instead, it is a chance for you to become refreshed and rejuvenated for the following week.

Productive Things To Do On The Weekend:


It may sound counterproductive but unplugging and disconnecting from all the technology in your life is one thing you need to do on your weekends. Unplugging allows you to refocus your mind without interruptions. This is one thing that will not only add to you being more productive on the weekends but also for the coming week.

Spend Time With Family And Friends-

Socializing is a way for you to reconnect with those that matter most in your life. Making time for your family and friends allows you to get things in perspective and allows you to get out of your professional work mode and enjoy yourself for a change.

Exercise And Meditate-

Exercising has a number of benefits. They are not all related to your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health as well. Take your bike for a ride, put on your running shoes or hit the gym for an hour. Try to also make some time to meditate for twenty minutes. Meditating can not only reduce your stress but can also have a powerful impact on your outlook on life. To have a better balance in your life, more energy and more focus- exercising and meditating is one thing you want to make time for.

Prepare, Plan And Reflect-

One way you can better prepare for the coming week and have a more productive weekend is to spend a little time reflecting on the previous week and planning for the next. Taking the time to see what worked the past week, what needs to be changed and what you want to improve upon, can be highly productive. Not just with your business, but also with your personal life. After reflecting on what worked and what did not work you can better prepare and plan for the upcoming week.


Getting out and making business connections during the week can be an impossible and tiring obligation. Take advantage of the fact that you will not have to be in the office early the next day and go out to some networking events. This is one way you can not only be more productive on the weekends, but it can also greatly benefit your business or career.

Make Time For A Hobby-

Using your weekends to expand your interests and focus on a hobby can be a great way to exercise the other side of your brain. Tap into your creative side, start a garden or sign up for a dance class. You will not only feel more productive on the weekend, but you will get a chance to focus on something that is completely different from all the spreadsheets and emails that tend to take up all your time.

Relax And Recharge-

Taking the time to relax and recharge from your hectic schedule is crucial to being more productive. Spend some time enjoying the outdoors, stay in your PJ’s for an extra hour or get a massage on the weekend. You will feel better and be more energized by taking the time to forget about responsibilities for an hour and take care of yourself instead.


During the week you have probably neglected a number of emails, documents and articles that you want to read. Take the time to catch up on work related reading, or pick up your favorite book, and spend some quiet time letting your mind wander somewhere else for an hour.

Spend your weekend being productive with these tips

Being productive on the weekend does not mean jamming your schedule with more chores, projects or assignments. To be successful you need to take the time to enjoy your life as well. The weekend is a great time to revisit a passion project, spend some time on yourself or reconnect with your support group like friends and family. If you want to have a more productive week then your weekend will have little time scheduled for work related tasks and more for recharging and fun activities.

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